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Bruschettas with tomatoes New recipes

Bruschettas with tomatoes

- Cut the baguettes into slices and put them in the oven to fry on both sides just before preparing and serving the bruschettas. Add salt and finely chopped onion. Chop the fresh green basil and add it to the tomatoes.

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Cabbage with sausages in a clay pot New recipes

Cabbage with sausages in a clay pot

I like to cook over low heat for a long time in a clay pot, as if the food tastes better when left to cook in peace.1 cabbage about 1,100 Kg3 large onions about 400 g400 g mixture of tomatoes and peppers500 g sausage pepper for quality onion, I only had it for decoration, only now it has risen in the garden. Portions: 6 Preparation time: over 120 minutes RECIPE PREPARATION Cabbage with sausages in clay pot: Prepare the ingredients, chop the cabbage, put it in a bowl rub with salt.

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5 Best Restaurants in Miami Beach New recipes

5 Best Restaurants in Miami Beach

Miami Beach isn’t just home to some of Miami’s best restaurants, it’s home to some to Florida’s best restaurants overall. Some of the world’s leading chefs and restaurateurs have decided to bring their talents to the town’s fabled shores, and have set up shop in the finest hotels, but other great restaurants have been operating independently there for years.

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Are These America’s Worst Colleges for Food? New recipes

Are These America’s Worst Colleges for Food?

Based off of our research for the 75 Best Colleges in America, here are the colleges at the bottom of our list: 6 Texas A&M University — College StationSure this college campus has a decent amount of surrounding watering holes, but it seriously lacks in surrounding eateries. Also its dining halls, while adaptable to dietary preferences and conveniently located around campus, do not cater to a wide range of student lifestyles.

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Garlic Fair Heads to California New recipes

Garlic Fair Heads to California

CHAYA hosts its 17th annual Garlic FairGarlic gourmands get to enjoy a garlic-centric menu in September at CHAYA in Venice, Calif. Executive chef Shigefumi Tachibe is creating an à la carte menu that features variations of black and green garlic. The special dinner menu, with dishes ranging from $15 to $32, is available until Sept.

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Labor Day Playlist New recipes

Labor Day Playlist

What to play at your Labor Day bashiStockphoto/thinkstockEnjoy these tunes at your Labor Day Party!Sizzling grills, kids playing in the yard, the sound of a beer can popping open — these are the refreshing and welcoming sounds of a successful Labor Day. Though they are tough to compete with, we think that playing a few tunes at your last summer soirée will only enhance the feel good relaxing mood for the day.

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