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Jaffa cakes

Jaffa cakes

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Jaffa cakes recipe by of 04-01-2020

The jaffa cakes are very famous British mini cupcakes that are sold in America and the UK as a little old-fashioned packaged snacks. They consist of a small disc of sponge cake covered with a thin layer of orange jelly and the whole is then completed by a pour of melted dark chocolate. A real treat, isn't it? Given and considering that in this period we are full of pandoro and panettone to consume, I thought of proposing them as a recycling idea and I prepared them with pandoro. If you prefer, prepare a nice thin sponge cake in the oven pan and do it like this;)
In short, if you too are a lover of the orange-chocolate combination, if you have appreciated my candied peel, certainly you will not be able to miss these small jaffa cakes, a perfect close-up for the Christmas holidays ... but also for the rest of the year ;)


How to make jaffa cakes

First, prepare the gelatin: leave the gelatin in cold water for at least 5-10 minutes.
Squeeze oranges until you get 120 ml of juice, then put the orange juice and sugar in a saucepan and start heating over low heat.
When the sugar is well dissolved and before it begins to boil, add the gelatine after squeezing it gently and stir to melt it.

Once the isinglass has melted, immediately remove from the heat and pour the gelatine onto the baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
Let it cool for at least 1 hour or until it hardens.

Cut the pandoro into slices and thin it with a rolling pin, then make circles with a 7 cm pastry cutter.

Melt the chocolate, in the microwave or in a double boiler.

When it has solidified, also make circles in the gelatin, using 6 cm pastry rings.
Then begin to assemble your cakes: put a circle of jelly on each circle of pandoro, then cover with melted chocolate.

Before the chocolate hardens, decorate as desired with candied orange, then let it dry for at least 1 hour.

The jaffa cakes are ready, you just have to enjoy them.

Jaffa cakes recipe

jaffa cakes soft orange and chocolate cookies

perhaps the name jaffa cakes it tells you nothing but if I say messino biscuit? We therefore offer you the recipe for these bsoft biscuits with orange and chocolate. The jaffa cakes consist of a very soft base, orange jelly and a crunchy layer of chocolate: an amazing snack, fat-free added, although not exactly easy to prepare. With the doses that I give you in the recipe will come 24 soft orange and chocolate biscuits. But if you want the thinner base, you can prepare two trays, and doubling the quantities of jelly and chocolate, here are the messino-type biscuits. It goes without saying that the cost is enormously lower than the soft orange and chocolate biscuits bought, and I assure you they are very good. Jaffa cakes go well with milk-free hot chocolate

Jaffa cakes - Recipes


For the base
2 eggs
50 g of flour
30 g of sugar
1 teaspoon of baking powder
a few drops of orange flavor
30 g of soft butter

For the jelly
60 g of Kitrinos orange marmalade
2 tablespoons of sugar
1 tablespoon of water

For coverage
100 g of melted dark chocolate

Mix the ingredients for the base to obtain a soft but not too liquid mixture.
Spread the mixture into a 6 muffin pan (previously greased and floured) and bake in the oven at 180 & # 176 for about 20 minutes.
Since the cakes will be taller than a normal bisoctto, when cold cut them in half widthwise to obtain 12 pieces.

Prepare the jelly. heat the jam, sugar and water in a saucepan and let it rest until everything becomes gel, it will boil for about 5 minutes.
Turn off the heat and let it cool.

Spread a little jam on each base, let it dry for a few more minutes and then cover the biscuits with melted chocolate.
Put the sweets in the fridge if you want to shorten the waiting time.


5. Pour evenly into prepared muffin / cake pan and bake 10-12 minutes or until the mixture is golden and springs back when touched.

6. Remove the cakes from the oven and allow to cool completely. Turn out onto a wire cooling rack.

7. When the jelly is ready, take a round cutter that is slightly smaller than the cake discs and cut out 12 discs of jelly.

8. Place a disc of jelly on top of each cake.

Chocolate topping

2. Blitz 10 Sec / Speed ​​9.

3. Melt 4 Mins / 50 & deg / Speed ​​2

4. Pour the melted chocolate into another bowl (this makes it easier to spoon the chocolate over the cakes)

5. Carefully spoon over the melted chocolate until each jelly disc is completely covered and chocolate reaches to the edge of cakes.

Accessories you need

Spatula TM31
Measuring cup

Inspired by Ali Walsh recipe in Gluten Free Heaven Issue 4.

You could use any flavor jelly you wish - Port wine jelly could just take this to another level! You could make the jelly the day before you want to make them to save time on the baking day.

This recipe was provided to you by a Thermomix ® customer and has not been tested by Vorwerk Thermomix ® or Thermomix ® in Australia and New Zealand.
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Jaffa Cakes: the English snack arrives in Italy thanks to my contribution!

Ladies and gentlemen, bloggers and not, I present to you i Jaffa Cakes. Yes I am right, I present them to you, why did you know them? Maybe you have only a vague memory or you have probably heard of them but how many of you have eaten them? And above all: how many of you have tried to prepare them at home?

It is very strange that no Italian food blog or cooking site has ever dealt with the preparation of these sweets. in fact from a quick look at the recipes in Italian on the web the words "Jaffa Cakes" never appear.

It will be the undisputed dominance of cupcakes and muffins that is spreading like wildfire also in Italy, it will be our preference for traditional and homemade cuisine. in short, the poor Jaffa Cakes have been really neglected. But I'm not there and since I had a big feast in Dublin I thought it would be a good idea to produce a home version!

Let's try to make you understand what these Jaffa cakes are. They are practically like our snacks in Great Britain and Ireland are industrially produced by Mc Vities (the same brand as the Digestive), are presented as sponge cakes covered with a layer of orange or strawberry or blueberry jelly and a further layer of dark chocolate.

Jaffa was an ancient port of Israel, believed to be one of the largest in the world. Today Jaffa has been incorporated into the cities of Tel Aviv to form the small town Tel Aviv-Yafo. From this city, the so-called Jaffa Oranges, a variety of sugary and seedless oranges, were produced and exported. So back in 1927, when these cakes saw the light, they were stuffed with a jelly produced from these highly prized oranges. I doubt that Jaffa oranges are still used today!

Obviously, there is an abyss between the Jaffa Cakes that I ate packaged and those I prepared by myself: certainly much better mine even if I opted for jam instead of jelly and I also made them a little higher than to the originals.

In short, I would say that the ease of preparation (almost embarrassing, from Guinness for my clumsy recipes) and the combination of ingredients make it an excellent and genuine snack for children, sweets that can also be prepared with their help.

And since the 6 Nations Rugby (Italy - Ireland) I wish both teams a big good luck (I can't cheer only on Italy. Let's give Cesare what is Cesare's. Come on Ireland!)

Ingredients for about 20 Jaffa Cakes:

4 eggs
50 grams of flour
50 gr of wheat starch
100 grams of sugar
100 gr of dark chocolate

In a bowl, beat the eggs and sugar with an electric mixer. They must become very swollen, so beat for at least 10/15 minutes.

Then sift the flours and vanilla and pour into the mixture. Gently mix with a wooden spoon until it is absorbed.

Pour the mixture into muffin molds filling them halfway (or less depending on how tall you want them). Bake at 170 degrees for about 15 minutes.

When the cakes are cold, spread them with jam. Melt the dark chocolate and spread it over the layer of jam. Let it cool then sevite.

Ladies and gentlemen, bloggers or not, I introduce to you the Jaffa Cakes. Yes I'm introducing them, have you known them yet? Maybe you only have a vague memory or you have probably heard of them but how many of you have eaten them? And above all, how many of you have tried to prepare them at home? (don't answer at these questions if you are english / irish!)

In Italy we don't know what Jaffa Cakes are. It will be the unchallenged dominance of cupcakes and muffins. the poor Jaffa Cakes have been really neglected. It's why I had great bellyful of them in Dublin I have decided to make a home version of Jaffa cakes!

Let me help you understand what are these Jaffa cakes. They are typical of Great Britain and Ireland where they are industrially produced by Mc Vities (the same brand of Digestive). They are a sponge cakes coated with a layer of orange jelly or strawberry or blueberry and an additional layer of dark chocolate.

Clearly, the packaged Jaffa Cakes I ate in Dublin were very different from which I have prepared by myself, first of all because I have opted for jam instead of jelly and I even made a little higher than the original ones.

Well, Jaffa Cakes are very easy to prepare and the combination of ingredients make them a good, wholesome snack for children, you can even prepare them with their help.

Last but not least: in one hour there will start 6 Nations of Rugby (Italy - Ireland): I would like to wish good luck to both teams (I can't support only Italy. Give to Caesar what is Caesar's. Go Ireland! )

Ingredients for 20 Jaffa Cakes:

4 eggs
50 gr flour
50 g wheat starch
100 g sugar
100 grams of dark chocolate

In a bowl, beat eggs and sugar with electric whips. They will become very swollen, so beat them for at least 10-15 minutes.

Then sift the flours and vanilla and pour into the eggs mixture. Mix it gently with a wooden spoon until flour is absorbed.

Pour the mixture into muffin tins and fill them just half (or less depending on how high you want jaffa cakes). Bake at 170 degrees for 15 minutes.

When the cakes are cold spread onto them the jam. Melt the chocolate and sprinkle it over the layer of jam. Let cool then serve.

Jaffa cakes - Recipes

I don't like chocolate.

But I like sweets, in particular I always like to learn new techniques, to try to remedy my well-known blunder.

In short, this week I propose a fairytale cake.

Jaffa Cakes are McVitie biscuits that date back to 1927. They are biscuits with a sponge-like base, a layer of bitter orange marmalade and covered with chocolate.
Reality doesn't just make them McVitie. Also because the name is not subject to copyright, so in the Anglo-Saxon world there are, under this name, also many other brands.
And identical, although with a different name, also Balhsen makes them, Messino they are called.
I was curious about the idea of ​​doing them again at home. Why it intrigued me, I don't know. The orange-chocolate combination, a true classic that I have exploited several times, does not really interest me. I like it at first taste, but in the end it leaves a taste in my mouth that I don't like. On closer inspection, the problem for me is chocolate, which is definitely not my thing.
However, the idea of ​​making these cookies intrigued me.

This cake of the diabolical Jamie takes up the idea of ​​biscuits, of which, moreover, he also reports a recipe on his website, but elaborating it as a cake with a taste, and appearance, a little Austro-Hungarian, reminiscent on the one hand of the Sacher , but on the other hand, with all these layers of sponge cake, also the Dobos.

In addition, the diabolical Jamie had taken the Middle Eastern suggestions already present in the name of the cake to the extreme consequences, inserting no less than marzipan among the ingredients. A little light thing, in short. It is no coincidence that the book tells us that it provides 482 calories per slice. I already feel bad at the thought of having eaten two today.

But the really terribly diabolical Jamie had adopted a very cool solution to bake this cake, for which he says he was inspired by a German dessert, which I do not know what it is: instead of making a single sponge cake and cutting it after cooking, as in the American layered cakes, or make a lot of thin layers of biscuit, like in Dobos, Jamie cuts it short, and makes us do it all together. One layer, bake, smear with jam or melted chocolate, another layer, bake, and so on.
Laborious, but definitely faster than assembling everything later.
But does this not risk burning the lower layers? No, because the diabolical king of the diabolical country Jamie makes us bake the cake in a very anarchic and unusual way, that is, on the top shelf of the oven, with the grill on!
Tell me if it's not a ganzata!
It is no coincidence that Jamie himself comments

And I can only agree with him, it's fun, and it gives a lot of satisfaction to see the cake literally grow layer by layer in front of your eyes.

The recipe is actually a German, as Artusi would say, it is called baumkuchen and it was also published some time ago by Cristina of Vissi of art and cuisine and also mother Iana.

Jamie says it will appeal to young and old alike. At my house oranges and chocolate is a combination that the little ones don't like at all, so I had to make another cake as well (.) But the grown-ups. yes, I would say that the grown-ups liked it :-)

And don't tell me you don't like it too, beautiful as it is!

No, I still can't. I need to tell you about the doses. The original recipe was for 16 people, and included 10 eggs. It seemed far too much for our needs and I cut back. Yes, but how?
It was talking about a 23 cm diameter mold, and I thought about using a 20 cm one.
How you do it?
As a professor of mathematics and physics that I am, I have considered that if I reduce the diameter of the pan by a certain factor, the volume of the cake, and therefore the doses of the ingredients, are not reduced by the same factor, but by the same factor cubed.
If you don't understand why you think of a cube. If I halve the side of the cube, since the side appears to the cube in the volume calculation, the volume will reduce not to half but to 1/8.

So in my case I had to reduce the doses of the cake by this factor

The thing is quite disconcerting, for those unfamiliar with mathematical things: the diameter of the pan is reduced by a measly 3 centimeters, and the ingredients are reduced by 1/3.
However, don't worry, I calculated the doses for you :-)

Here, today I really wanted to make you waste some time.

1 pinch of salt 1 teaspoon of lemon

The ingredients marked with the symbol (& # 182) are foods at risk for celiacs and to be consumed safely they must have the symbol of the crossed ear, or be present in the handbook of the Italian Celiac Association, or in the list of available diet therapy products , or show the word GLUTEN FREE on the package.

2516 g of butter. Set aside both the jam and the melted chocolate.
Pour into the pan with a ladle a quantity of dough just enough to cover the bottom, and roll it out evenly (my dough, although very soft, was not so fluid that it could be poured with a ladle, but it does not seem to me that this has compromised the success of the cake).
Bake on the highest shelf, right under the grill, and cook for 3 or 4 minutes, however long enough for the surface to be golden, otherwise, as he rightly tells us, if the surface is not well colored, the layers once once the cake is mounted, they will not be seen, they will become one. Once the first layer is cooked, pour over another thin layer of dough and cook it in the same way, and continue like this, alternating layers of dough with thin layers of jam or chocolate, as you proceed.
Complete with the last layer of dough and, when this is cooked, spread it generously with the jam, pass a knife all around the cake, to detach it from the edge of the pan and let it cool completely, then cover with plastic wrap and put in fridge for a few hours (I one night).

A couple of hours before serving, melt the remaining chocolate (me 150 g) with the remaining butter (I had 50 g of cream left over from the preparation of another dessert and I preferred to use this one, not to throw it) in a bain-marie (I always in the microwave). When it is well polished, let it rest for five minutes.
In the meantime, remove the cake from the mold, sliding it onto the serving plate, then pour the melted chocolate over it, spreading it as evenly as possible with a spatula, and letting it drip on the edge as well.
Let it rest out of the fridge and serve it with candied orange zest and possibly chocolate curls.

I made the candied orange zest by myself, removing them with a refill from an untreated orange, dipping them for a few minutes in boiling water and then making them candied in a syrup made with sugar and a drop of water, in quantities strictly eye-measuring until the sugar remains syrupy and begins to caramelize. So I put them on a plate and let them cool until ready to use them.

I also made marzipan myself, but not with egg white, simply by chopping together 125 g of almonds, 125 g of icing sugar, a few drops of lemon, a teaspoon of fluid and neutral honey and just enough water needed to obtain a mixture that fits together.

NOTE And here are my notes -DOSE: We are talking about a cake for 16 people, and a 23 cm diameter mold. Since I didn't have 16 people to give it to, I reduced the doses in the way I explained above. But when I found the dough in the bowl, I told myself that in my 20 cm diameter cake pan, which is not very high, it would never fit, and I used a 22 cm one. I got 5 layers of dough, and if I compare the photo of my cake with that of the book, it's not that there is that much difference. This is to say that in my opinion Jamie's doses were given with a certain ease, at the very least.

Jaffa cakes


the grated peel of 1/2 lemon

200 gr of 70% dark chocolate

sliced ​​almonds to decorate to taste

1) Whip the eggs (which must be at room temperature) with the sugar and the lemon peel. The mixture must be light and fluffy like sponge cake.

2) Combine the flour with the salt, sifted twice and mix with a spatula with movements from the bottom upwards.

3) Grease and grease the muffin molds and pour about 1 tablespoon of the mixture, bake at 190 ° for about 8-10 minutes.

4) Remove from the molds and cover with the Mandarin Fiordifrutta, usually if the operation is done a few hours before it solidifies a bit and thus facilitates the operation of the glaze with chocolate.

5) Now melt the dark chocolate (if you want to temper it with the method of insemination which is the easiest) and glaze the jaffa biscuits before the chocolate has solidified, decorate with the almond slices.

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My Wife & # 8217s Illustrious Ancestor

As part of the continuing series of 'lessons' or lectures given by the Bagni di Lucca branch of Unitre, the University of the Third Age, I'm giving a talk at 4 pm today at the library of ex-Anglican church. The subject is 'Giovanni Battista Cipriani - a Tuscan painter in England'. The lecture will be delivered in Italian so you are warned. However, even if your knowledge of the world’s most beautiful language is limited you can still enjoy the afternoon as there will be plenty of pictures to illustrate the artist’s work.

(Giovanni Battista Cipriani 1727 & # 8211 85)

Giovanni Battista Cipriani was one of a distinguished group of Italians who made the United Kingdom their home, particularly in the eighteenth century, that age of enlightenment. They included such notable persons as Francesco Xaverio Geminiani, the Luccan composer (see my talk on him at and Giacomo Leoni , the Venetian architect who introduced Palladianism to England and whose masterpiece, Clandon House, owned by the National Trust, was so tragically gutted by a fire in 2015.

Among his considerable achievements Cipriani is especially noted for the following:

  • He raised the art of interior decoration and architectural embellishments to new heights
  • He improved graphic arts immensely especially with regard to posters, invitations and certificates
  • He was a co-founder, with Sir Joshua Reynolds, of Britain's premier artistic institution, the Royal Academy
  • He collaborated with Robert Adam in producing some of the most exquisite furniture ever seen
  • He was a superb painter in his own right and contributed to the beautification of several English country houses

(Cipriani & # 8217s Decorations for Trafalgar House & # 8217s Music Room)

(H.M. The Queen & # 8217s Golden State Coach)

Last but not least Giovanni Battista Cipriani was an ancestor of my wife, Alexandra Antonia Cipriani, no mean artist herself and whose presence will grace my talk.

(Alexandra Antonia Cipriani & # 8211 descendant of Giovanni Battista Cipriani)

So if you are in the area do drop in to Bagni di Lucca's ex-Anglican Church, now library, at 4.00 pm and soak in the talent of an Italian & # 8211 and a Florentine to boot - who did so much to raise standards of design and cultured living in eighteenth century England.

Of course, Italy today continues that great tradition of inspiring the improvement of so many cultural facets in the United Kingdom, whether it be in fashion, food, film or music. It is, therefore, a real tragedy that a group of mal-informed, and largely philistine, members of the British populace, through their apparently freely cast votes, have initiated a path that can only lead to greater isolation and ultimate perdition of all that the United kingdom was once famous for - the unconditional welcome of talented people from the continent & # 8211 and other parts of the world & # 8211 who have done so much through their effort and genius to contribute to the enhancement of the proudly eclectic nature of artistic and social life in those island.

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