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Wynkoop to Release Rocky Mountain Oyster Beer in Cans Nationwide

Wynkoop to Release Rocky Mountain Oyster Beer in Cans Nationwide

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Good news, if you happen to want to drink Rocky Mountain oysters in your beer

Back in October we told you about Denver-based Wynkoop Brewing Co.’s latest wacky creation, Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout. Brewed with real bull testicles, the beer started as an April Fools' joke but became a reality, and was released in kegs just before the Great American Beer Festival hit town.

Now, word has come that the beer will be released in cans in late January, and will be available nationwide via The hand-packaged cans will be available in Denver-area stores as well, and will be sold in appropriately paired two-packs.

Wynkoop representative Marty Jones told Westword there were a few issues to overcome when getting distribution approval from the federal government. The flavor description was amended, and the label name, which previously had "Oyster Stout" in larger letters, was changed so that "Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout" was all the same font size. "I am not sure they were aware that bull testicles are an actual food and that they are a regional delicacy out west," Jones told the paper.

Fox News reported the beer will probably cost around $7 to $8 per two-pack. For a 7 percent ABV specialty brew, that’s quite a deal. Are you ready to try it?

— Danya Henninger, The Drink Nation

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